KCCA ED Jenifer Musisi Excites Revellers At Limit X Re-union Concert

Photos by Ruva Roy Collins/Chano8

Kampala Capital City Authority Executive director Madam Jennifer has done some amazing things in the Kampala and has been credited for some of the god things in the city. However, one thing many people did not know about the hard working Musisi is that, she can sing and actually sing well.

On Friday during the Limit X reunion concert, Musisisi did not only surprise revellers but also excited them with a cameo appearance as she sang ‘Wahamba Nati’ at Kampala Serena Hotel.

The Limit X trio of  Paul Mutebi, Dennis Sempebwa and Isaac Rucci are one of Uganda’s all time best gospel singers and rocked the industry in the 90’s before deciding to pursue different other career paths abroad especiall in UK and United States of America.

Friday’s show was the first time the trio was performing together in almost 2 decades of being out of action. And they had to organise the show with almost all members away from each other. Only Isaac Rucci who returned in the country in 2004 being the main stay and doing the ground work.

Limit X doing their thing

The show which was delayed ‘due to unavoidable circumstances’ kicked off officially close to 9:00pm with talented 6-year old Abigail Akol alongside pianist brother Abba J. Akol warming up the stage before the Canaan Gents acapella group did their thing.

Limit X the officially took to the stage at 20 minutes past 9:00pm smartly dressed in all white costumes and backed by a talented band. The live music sounded smooth to the ear with crystal sound courtesy of Fenon Records whose founder Steve Jean was behind the machines.

Abigail and her brother after performing at Serena

Limit X spread their performances into 3 sessions with the introduction part having a mix of praise and worship as well as oldies where they did ‘Follow you’, ‘Falling in love’, ’Dont Pass Me by’ J.E.SUS. that got the crowd grooving, and ‘Clap your hand’.

Dennis Sempebwa (C)was joined on stage by son Adama(R)

Isaac Rucci((C) was celebrating his 50th birthday

The second session was mostly for chatting up the crowd as the trio shared their life’s journey story. They sang ‘Heaven’, ‘Troubled man’ ‘love me as you’, ‘I love Jesus’. ‘Crying’ and ‘Why why’

The climax of course had the crowd’s favourite songs like ‘Abba Father’, ‘Miracles’ and ‘Malibongwe’ that got the revellers off their feet dancing and sing along. But it was Jennifer Musisi who almost stole the show when she was invited to sample what she had kept away from the public for a long time.

And the last song was for introducing the band members and the revellers mostly comprising family and friends of the trio left Serena at midnight with big smiles on their faces.

The crowd also joined in singing and dancing

The back up was very lively and energetic

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