Kenneth Mugabi Gears Up For Mega Launch Of His New  ‘Ugandan’ Album

Some think he is an Afro beat singer while others categorize him under soul or even his mentor Maurice Kirya’s ‘Mwoyo’ genre but all this points at one thing; getting Kenneth Mugabi has a unique style of music that has grown in leaps and bounds in the recent past.

Ugandans are slowly but steadily appreciating his music and style and with his first album that introduced him the Ugandan audience getting a fair reception endeared himself well with the fans as he built his fan base especially in the uptown audience. But now with well crafted second alum in the offing, surely the sky will not even be the limit for the lanky story teller.

Mugabi’s second 13-track album is now ready and a sample of some the songs like Oliwo gives eargsism for music enthusiasts who appreciate his style. The album will be officially be released at a highly anticipated concert on Friday 29th July 2019 at Design HUB in Industrial Area, Kampala.

While speaking to journalists about what to expect on that day, Mugabe promised to unleash all his creative juices and take it a notch higher from the last time he had a similar concert dubbed ‘Strings Of My Soul at the National Theatre a year back.

“I have put different feelings into different songs on this album feelings instead of the usual story telling style fans are used to especially for the youth and share on different issues that affect them in different ways”

Mugabi speaks about the upcoming album launch during the press briefing at Design Hub on Tuesday.

Mugabi, a product of Urban Television hit singing talent show, Rated Next, also explained that he wants to add something to the music industry in Uganda by trying to bridge the gap between the ‘Uptown’ and ‘downtown’ audience.

“My first album was about Kenneth Mugabi and not getting lost in the hype of collaborations which usually die fast…the new album is to add something new to the industry that’s why I collaborated this time round with singers unlike the first album which had only instrumentalists. I have collaborated with four female artistes bringing different perspectives like the surprise act Maureen Nantume to help link up with the so called ‘down town’ people” Mugabi explained.

Mugabi who says he can’t wait to share his master piece with the world also has collaborations with Lilian Mbabazi, Irene Namubiru and Angela Kalule on the new album. “Am singing as a person adding value to the industry not looking for money but although still the money will come” he concluded before sampling some of his songs like the blockbuster ‘Naki’.

He also had time to sample some of his songs for the journalists at the press conference.

John Walker has in partnership with Fezah App come on board to support the budding artist and help push his projects including the album launch concert as well as Fezah’s monthly unplugged shows.

“Kenneth is an outstanding force in the music industry and right now his fresh take on music is something that needs celebration. Johnnie Walker being an icon of progress decided to celebrate the incredible steps forward that artistes like Kenneth are making which we are glad to be a part of,” said Roger Agamba International Premium Spirits Brand Manager, Uganda Breweries Limited.

The founder of Fezah App explaining how the Application is a platform that will help Mugabi and other artistes to connect to their audiences and build a wider fan base

Roger Agaba (R) the Johnie Walker manager looks on after declaring their support.


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