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Kenyan Singer Nameless Explains Why He Did A Song In Luganda

We recently did a feature on one of the best musicians in Kenya and a family man at that, his name ‘Nameless.’

In Chano8 February issue, we got a chance to find out why the father of two did a song in Luganda. His response was touching as he said,

‘Well, I have had a close relationship with Uganda since 2002 and they have supported me for long through the years. During one of my many tours in Uganda, a Ugandan fan challenged me to learn some Luganda. This inspired the idea to do a song in Luganda to say thank you to my Uganda fans.’

Nameless further goes on to talk about the song,  ‘Butterfly’ (Kiwojolo) is a love song from a man to a woman of a different background. The man needs to learn her language to communicate his feelings to her. He also teaches her his language.’

Read more about Nameless’ career and love life in our Chano8 Magazine Feb. issue.

Have a look at the Butterfly video below.

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