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Kenzo Asks Government To Release Kizza Besigye

A few weeks after several artistes released ‘Tubonga nawe’, a track that showed their allegiance to President Museveni and his NRM political party, some rumors circulated that Eddy Kenzo was in disagreement with his fiancée and fellow musician Rema who was also part of that project.

But last Monday during Bobi Wine’s show in Busabaala, Kenzo for starters came on Adam Mulwana’s mental track ‘Tokaa kwa barara’ which he revived to ‘Tooka kwa barabara, Kenzo ameyingiya’ (Give way, Kenzo has arrived) before receiving a T-shirt encrypted with words ‘#Freemyvote’.

Kenzo Busabala

Eddy Kenzo performs in Busabala on Easter Monday

DSC_0625 (1)

Kenzo displaying the T-Shirt

As if that wasn’t enough, the ‘Soraye’ artiste went ahead and called all journalists to be his witness after calling upon the government to free Col Kizza Besigye.

“I am Ugandan; I believe in peace, we are done with elections. Why is the Government still holding Dr Kiiza Besigye” he said this and reminded the media to pass on the message so as to let the man free.

Adam Mulwana also performed his ‘Toka Kwa Barabara’ song before Swahaba Kasumba, a religious artiste performed Wesige Besige.

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