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Khalifa Aganaga To Break Up With Manager Emma Carlos

The recent info on our desk has it that artist Khalifa Aganaga and his manager/promoter Emma Carlos are no longer seeing eye to eye after the latter failed to bail out the former when he was imprisoned for allegedly refusing to perform at a certain show in Luwero.

AganagaThe artist was arrested for a whole night and was released without any help from his manager for a debt of 400,000Ugx only. A thing Khalifa Aganaga says is absurd because he expected the manager to have offered a helping hand because of their business relationship.

Khalifa was released after the debtor, a one Ronald Luyinda said he was the poorest artist he has ever met and that he decided to let him go from the bottom of his heart.

Emma Carlos is considered one of the best artist managers in Uganda and has been working with Khalifa Aganaga for two years, making him one of the most sought after artists in that period.

Efforts to reach both Khalifa and Emma Carlos for a comment about their altercation were futile as we couldn’t reach any of them.

The promoter was at one time Coco Finger and Wafagio’s manager before taking on the “Minakonda artist and Spice Diana.

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