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Was Khalifa Aganaga Right To Chase Away All His Aides!

A few weeks, back, artiste Khalifa Aganaga decided to go back to the drawing board by getting rid of all the people he was moving around with, reasons being that they were disrupting his music career being involved in criminal activities.

“I have decided to let go of all the people I have been moving with. They have been spoiling my name by stealing my fan’s items and it comes back to me and not only that, they have also been beating up people on events I attend with them.” The artiste told Chano8.


Khalifa also added that these are people he grew up with and just brought them closer so that they could also taste his prominence. The
‘Nasanga’ singer further said that he had also opened for them a salon along Bukesa road but they just used to eat all the profits, leading to the collapse of the business.


Aganaga (in black and white) performing at his recently concluded Manyi Ga Kazindaalo 4X4 Concert

Khalifa now takes things professional and only moves with three people who have specified jobs. One is the driver; another is the general
manager and lastly his deejay. This came after his 4×4 concert flopped at Theatre Labonita recently and the move took immediate effect after. But the question still remains was the artiste right to get rid of people who have been by his side ever since he cut his teeth in the industry, fight his battles, defend him and contribute to his fan base?


Aganaga’s Manyi Ga Kazindaalo concert that was not well attended

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