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Khloe Kardashian’s Ex Found Unconscious In Brothel, Hospitalised

Khloe Kardashian’s former husband Lamar Odom was on Tuesday afternoon found unconscious after being found in a brothel located in Nevada where it is alleged that he had spent four days having a good time. The former National Basket Ball Association star suffered the ‘medical emergency’ at the Love Ranch in Crystal which is 70 miles from Las Vegas. Shortly after, an air ambulance was called upon to fly the 35 year old to hospital, this was all in vain as the 6ft tall Lamar couldn’t fit in the air ambulance helicopter.

A land ambulance was then immediately called to take Odum to Desert View Hospital near Pahrump from where the father of two was transferred to Las Vegas hospital. However, although Lamar and Khloe had fallen out, this didn’t deter Khloe from visiting him in hospital. Her mother Kris Jenner, fellow NBA star Kobe Bryant and Reverend Jesse Jackson visited Lamar too. “Odom was on life support, though doctors thought his condition was improving”.Reverand Jackson said.


lamar Odom with his Ex girlfriend Khloe Kardashian

Other reports from the Love Ranch indicate that two women found him lying unconscious in the VIP section and when they turned him over, nasty stuff oozed out of his mouth and nose, said Dennis Hof the owner of the Brothel. “He did get a phone call on Sunday that upset him a little bit, we don’t know what this was about” Mr. Hof added.

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