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King Saha Hits Back At Bebe Cool’s Jibes

Earlier on, we wrote about Bebe Cool’s post advising the public never to compare Jose Chameleon and King Saha basing on their concerts that will be held on the same date but last evening, the “Mulilwana” artiste came out and reacted to Bebe’s comments saying he should just inspire and motivate hardworking artistes.

“Am not a legend but if someone older than my dad goes on dissing me instead of writing words of inspiration to motivate new hard working artistes like me nange binsobela.

Bebe Cool had told his fans, “Ugandans should never compare Saha to Dr J Chameleon coz I too feel disrespected. I hear mbu who is who? Where will u go on this date? Just because Saha put his concert on the same date with him does not give u any right to put them on the same weighing scale.

This left Saha rather startled and went on to say no artiste owns the music industry and some people have are in it for different reasons. “Uganda isn’t someone’s home and no one owns the music industry no matter how old/big you are. I only do it for God and my country.”

He concludes this by posting Bebe Cool’s earlier post.

However, some people believe this is a strategic scheme to get attention from the public as they build for their forthcoming concerts.

King Saha's Gundezze is expected to pull a massive crowd

King Saha’s Gundezze is expected to pull a massive crowd

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