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King Saha’s Beef With Bebe Cool Takes New Twist As He Brands Bebe ‘Foolish’

At the beginning of January 2018, veteran artiste Bebe Cool sparked off controversy with releasing a list of some local artistes who in his opinion had had a successful 2017 musically. He promised to always release the list at the start of every new year and he has been doing so since then. 

A few days ago, he released the 2019 list which was one of the hot topics last week. The Gagamel boss gave reasons why each artiste made it to the list as well as mentioning their hit songs throughout 2019.

Singer King Saha made it on his list but instead of explaining why, Bebe Cool just gave him a warning, a thing that Saha didn’t take lightly. He on the following day took to his official Facebook page to hit back at the ‘Wire Wire’ singer whom he accused of underrating him, in a series of rants

“Thank you for supporting sir. Keeping an eye on my music yet u have yo own z really a big job” read one of Saha’s posts hitting at Bebe Cool

As if warning Saha wasn’t enough, Bebe in a recent TV interview was heard saying that Saha is drowning in drugs and he wouldn’t want musicians to organise a car wash drive to raise money for his (Saha’s) treatment of drug abuse.

All this has gotten to the ‘Mwana Gwe’ singer’s nerve the more, forcing him to also think of things like coming up with his own list. His is however not for artistes who have done well like Bebe Cool’s but one showing the “Most Foolish Artists of the last decade”

“Compiling ma list for the most Most Foolish Artists of the last decade….It’ll be ready tomorrow” King Saha posted on his official Facebook page a few days ago

On Tuesday, the much anticipated list made its way on Facebook but to our shock, the list of 9 was dominated by one Bebe Cool whom he put in all the positions, referring to him with all kinds of annoying nicknames like ‘Baby Kul’, ‘Kataala’, ‘Bebe Fool’, ‘Matyansi Butyampa’ among others

By the time we went to press, Bebe Cool had not yet fired back at furious King Saha

Check out King Saha’s list of the ‘most foolish Artists of the last decade’ that was dominated by veteran musician Bebe Cool

10.Ono mwerabidde
Byebyo ebivudde mu kulonda..If yo name appears on that list,”Watch ya back ma yute.”








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