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King Saha’s ‘Beera Awo’ Video Playing On MTV

This year is proving to be a productive one for fast rising artistes like Eddy Kenzo who recently scooped the BET award and sweet voiced ‘Gundeeze’ hit singer King Saha who has had a good treat too this year, having organised a successful ‘Gundeeze Concert’ and now his new single ‘Beera Awo’ is doing wonders on international scene.

This all came through when this hit ‘Beera Awo’, a Jeeb records production and shot by Savy Films played on MTV which is one of the biggest television stations in Africa. “Thanks a lot MTV BASE… #‎BberaAwo going Global” Saha said on social media.

King Saha is a Ugandan recording artist who was nurtured by Dr. Jose Chameleone at Leone Island and now formed his own crew ‘King Love’ though he has also been working with Team No Sleep managed by Jeff Kiwanuka. He started his music career with producer Didi under Didi’s label ‘Born Fire’.

King Saha Berra AWO

King Saha is now doing well on the international scene

Saha provides and makes his music with an electrifying voice in an RnB style, however he also mixes in Afro pop which has enabled him to make successful collabos with various artistes like Ziza Bafana, Sheebah and Pallasso.

King Saha real names Ssemanda Mansur rose to stardom with his hit song ‘Mulirwana’ which took the country by storm and from then on, he has been singing without failure, performed in European countries like Turkey and he is also to perform in the USA in September. King Saha will now be known and his video watched around Africa with this successful deal he got from MTV.

King Saha screen

A screen shot of the music video playing on MTV Base

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