King Saha’s New ‘Sembera’ Is A Groovy Classic Oldies Tune

Photos by Habre Muriisa

RnB sensational King Saha concluded the year 2016 with a song dubbed ‘Mulese’released in December and this January, Saha couldn’t keep the fresh song he had in stock. He recently released yet another tune dubbed ‘Sembera’, Luganda for Draw Closer.

It is a love song in which Saha expresses how he is in love with a girl who delays to accept his love proposal. He tries all ways to win her heart all in vain but finally he succeeds when the girl of her dreams says yes and he is now asking her to ‘draw nearer to her’


Have you listened to King Saha’s new oldies song ‘Sembera’

‘Sembera The song’ produced by Baur of Sound Cva Studios

He begins the song by complimenting the girl for her strong character, physical beauty and for keeping her word and promises made to him. She has showed him love which has taken him places he doesn’t expect but now it has turned into a long wait for him as he misses playing and laughing with her and promises to be ready for only her because he gets hit on by other girls.

In the second verse, he confesses to the girl on how he thinks about her every time, how he has saved enough money for her to spend Monday to Sunday plus giving all the glory to God the giver. With all the things he is expected to give her, he asks who can really give her more and concludes the verse singing about the abundant love the girl has showed him which has made people around the city jealousy.

In the final verse, Saha decided not to tell the girl how much she kills him softly because it is deep in the heart and how he loses his way every time she looks at him. He begs her to save him from the single life and make him her number one because of the personal interests he has in her, a thing that made him come with gifts.


The song reminds me of the good old days of Yvonne Chaka Chaka, Pat Shange and the late Brenda Fassi. It has heavy Afro-beats with danceable Kwaito aligning close to the hit song ‘Gundeeze’ in its flow. Probably the inspiration was drawn from South Africa or Zulu traditional folk lore. It looks to be on track to draw attention of fans this year though.

Listen to ‘Sembera’ by King Saha below


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