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King Saha’s New ‘Ssembera’ Video Paints A Picture On High School Life

Singer King Saha’s love for old school kind of songs is one of the things we should probably get him talking about but according to a successful example we have seen that is the ‘Mwana Gwe’ video, we have a reason to give him a green light to continue doing more.

The latest video he dropped a few days is for his recent single ‘Ssembera’ (Luganda for ‘come closer’) produced by Sound Cova’s Diddy Baur. It is a love song in which Saha expresses how he is in love with a girl who delays to accept his love proposal. He tries all ways to win her heart with a long struggle but finally he succeeds when the girl says yes and he is now asking her to ‘draw nearer to her’ and they grow their love deeper.

‘Ssembera’ the video

Shot and directed by Savy Filmz’s Sasha Vybz, the 4-minute video that depicts the high school life begins with a brief scene where students clad in their best attire are seated in the venue for a prom party probably waiting for the proceedings to kick off. They are listening to some music to warm them up just like at any party or function. We later see one of the naughty students who walks in with his date and mixes drinks with alcohol although we don’t understand why.

Finally the party kicks off with King Saha’s performance and the students’ excitement is showcased in the way they cheer him on as he takes the stage. As he performs, the crowd is seen pulling all sorts of dance strokes with their dates as Saha entertains them.

The video’s director then takes our attention to a fortnight back where we see Saha staring at the girl of his love as she walks in class with her friend. He pulls her aside and begins telling what he feels deep inside. The same scene shows how he went through a lot to win the girl’s heart, writing to her love chits requesting her to be his date at the Prom Party.

The attention goes back to the party where the excitement does not seem to stop as more things happen like how some people are seen posing for photos as they still enjoys Saha’s performance live on stage. The most awaited moment finally comes to pass as King Saha’s crush joins him on stage and together they dance together while holding each other’s waist and the video is finally concluded with a session where people showcase what dance style s they got.


The song reminds me of the good old days of Yvonne Chaka Chaka, Pat Shange and the late Brenda Fassi and in its flow, probably the inspiration was drawn from South Africa or Zulu traditional folk lore. Basing on the fact that it has oldies beats, we excepted to the video set up to be the same but instead it was full modern things like the dress code of people in the video and video is full people of people playing musical instruments like guitars, percussions, melodicas and the way people danced from start to end portrays a real prom party where revellers were having fun.

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Watch the video here

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