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KISU To Prepare Young People Ready For A Global Market

In this challenging era where there is job scarcity a rampant unemployment rate with about 32% of youth out of work which is one of the highest in the world, there is still yet a big gap left to bridge by stake-holders in training youngsters to become prepared and well equipped to survive in the harsh environment especially more of Job creators as opposed to Job seekers.

Most of the problems stem from the lack of personal relationships between those who administer the knowledge and the target audience due to limited attention and focus in directing the right dose of knowledge and imparting the applicable skills to the students.

However, all is not gloomy and lost as there are a number of private education practitioners and investor who are trying to work out practical solutions to fix some of the disparities most notably the International schools like Kampala International School Uganda (KISU) which have set up on a mission to improve not only the quality of education but also prepare the students ready for the challenging harsh environment after school.


Pupils entertain guests at KISU Open Day

While speaking during the KISU Open day held recently, the School’s Director Mr. Steve Lang emphasised that, modern learners must be helped to be thoughtful and analytical. “At KISU we want our young people to be inquisitive, articulate, and confident. We want them to have the resilience to overcome any obstacle in their learning.” Lang said.

He acknowledged that education is far more than just passing examinations and succeeding in academics but more to do with building and strengthening the individual’s personal strengths for the real world.

“It is about embedding values, developing skills and shaping character. The best universities and employers know this. As adults we know that in many of our careers, our intellectual capacity is rarely tested.”He noted


Sudhir Ruparelia Chairman Ruparelia Group admires some of the works done by the students

“However, we also know that those who are resilient, resourceful and reflective, who are confident, committed and conscientious, those who have strong interpersonal skills and can relate well to others and work well in a team, are those who tend to succeed.” Lang added

“These are the kind of qualities and attributes that we seek to develop in our young people. We take our mission to “educate today’s children for tomorrow’s world” seriously. But we aspire for our graduates to not only be ready to enter tomorrow’s world, but for them to be prepared to shape it, change it and lead it. 

“We are preparing our young people to enter a truly global marketplace where competition is fierce and we must do all that we can to ensure they have the best chance of succeeding in this context.” Lang explained.


During the School’s Open day students also exhibited their school work, art, music, dance and drama while parents and other guests were treated to a sumptuous meal and a variety of drinks. The school is owned by the Ruparelia Group headed by businessman Sudhir Ruparelia. The group has other schools including Delhi Public School, Kampala Parents School and Victoria University Kampala.

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