Kitenge Fashion Rules At Club Music Video Awards’ Blue Carpet

All photos By Habre Muriisa

When it comes to fashion, the red carpet or the blue carpet as seen last weekend is where our celebrities and designers bring out the ‘show stoppers’ couture and mostly the wow factor.

It is not often that you find many bold enough to bring the locally known Kitenge to the occasion unless you are Yemi Alade and everything from your nail polish to your hairstyle is telling an African story.

This year, the Club Music Video awards held on Saturday the 18th of March at Kampala Serena Hotel had all fashion lovers waiting to see who will come out huge with the gown to die for, with trains going down 3 flights of stairs. Well, the shocker for was Malaika Nnyanzi who indeed looked flawless and so graceful in her yellow and purple Ankara gown.

If you ask me, she looked like royalty. Cindy was another shocker and we bet no one expected her style to be leaning into the Kitenge. She looked so stunning and the dress did her curves a lot of justice. We just can’t get over how gorgeous that print was.

Just like any other occasion, some pulled off the right Kitenge look while others tried. All in all we commend the ladies that were brave enough to bring the ‘Kitenge’ to the CMVA’s blue carpet.



Malaika Nnyanzi was just flawless


Cindy Sanyu



B2C boy duo was on point in their colored ‘Bitenge’


Cindy and her family slaying on the blue carpet in Kitenge

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