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Kizza Besigye’s Son Anselm’s Photo With Naked Girls Shocks Nation

Retired colonel and political activist Kizza Besigye’s son Anselm will never cease to amuse us. Forget about the photos that trended showing him smoking a big cigar on his graduation day after completing college, he is the talk on social media again following yet another trending photo of him having fun with two girls at a beach

Appearing with the girls in the photo wouldn’t be a big deal but basing on the fact that girls are half naked, it has made this photo trend since it made its way on social media. In what seemed like a serious fun moment, Anselm and one of the girls are seen holding the other girl’s boobs from the right and left side respectively as the girls are seen smiling about it

As some social media users are still busy making a big deal out this photo, Anselm did nothing but enjoyed all the softness and comfort of the girl’s bare breast.

One Facebook user identified as Kasagazi Kansaze commented on the photo saying “The guy in the photo is the son of Kiiza Besigye who wants to become Uganda’s President. If Base Jay cant even put his son right, cant manage family issues how then will he manage a whole country you deluded FDC chaps? Thank God he will never be president of the Motherland”

On the other hand, we shall not dwell much at the photo too because like we all know, girls/women in the western world  walk half naked at beaches especially if it is summer just like it is now so Anselm posing for a photo with the girls in such a state should come like a shocker

Here are some social media reactions about the photo

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