K!mera Finally Puts Together The Pieces To His ‘Puzzle’

Photos by Ruva Roy Collins/Chano8

Several issues have been bothering him in recent times and it almost reached breaking point until he decided to do something about it. But what exactly was the problem? Samuel Kimera a versatile gospel singer and songwriter decided to package these issues in one but it wasn’t easy.

So, he referred to them as a ‘Puzzle’. A jig saw that had several bits and pieces that needed different approaches to put together so as to fix what was bothering him. It was the story of his life’s journey that he needed to tell.

He had the pieces and even as time went on, he discovered that some were not his own pieces, but he still had to put them together anyway. All he needed was a listening ear.

Storyteller Samuel Kimera aka K!mera telling the story of his life.

And then the idea of solving the puzzle was born inform of an Album he called ‘P.U.Z.Z.L.E (the album). He put up this album basing on his life’s story and musical journey so far, as well as a symbol of God’s glory that, no matter what, pieces of puzzle in your life that you think are scattered, God will bring them to you and put them together for you as long as you have faith in him.

So after about two years of searching and putting the pieces together to his puzzle, it was time to feed it to a willing listening ear which availed itself yesterday at The Square Place in Kampala Industrial Area at an exclusive listening party.

K!mera, as he refers to himself lately, had packaged a beautiful album based on personal experiences and those of people close to him. Subtle, suave, smooth with touching and piercing messages that melt and strengthen the heart in equal measure, the album is a complete ensemble.

Other stars like Viola, Solome Basuta (C) Sandra Suubi, and Pastor Brian were also there to give K!mera much needed support.

While Guitarist Charmant Mushaga decided to use his machine for to sing.

Yesterday was the opportune time to present this amazing collection and K!mera once gain did not disappoint as he freely interacted with his audience as he administered the punch lines or should I say tunes.

He was cheeky and humorous at times as he narrated the background story to how it all started. His backup singers were in sync and looked comfortable like they enjoyed themselves in a live band performance.

The crowd comprising mostly of Christians from Watoto church where K!mera works, Worship Harvest and Mavuno was supportive, positively responsive and most times, lively.

“I am humbled and thank you all for coming. I want you to know that I do this for the passion but I also want to make an impact in the industry and add value contributing a piece” K!mera said.

K!mera is a talented versatile gospel singer and songwriter mostly inclined to Soul and RnB. He grew up in a strong Christian background and works with Watoto Church in Kampala. His passion for music and Christian beliefs has made him come up with some strong lyrics in the thought-inspiring songs that have received good reviews along the way.

At some point K!mera got emotional and shed a tear or two while telling the story of a friend whose husband abondoned.

He narrated the story of how he was brought up in a big Christian family with siblings where they had fights, laughs, and struggles and was full of prayer and singing while growing up.

He said he learnt to sing by imitating other artistes especially RnB and soul singers like Boyz II Men, Michael Learns To Rock whose songs he tapped off radio Sanyu by recording on cassettes. One of the first original compositions ‘Gwe Wange’ he wrote for his then sweet heart whom he later married and ‘Slow Down’ that preaches patience and forgiveness for couples.

Mc of the night Ronnie Habasa (L) urged Christians especially pastors to also support talented artistes like K!mera financially besides just praying for them

He sang in a soft, clear, melodic and controlled voice just like the recorded versions in the debut album which we shall review in detail soon for we won’t do justice to it in this report because we know he is ‘Up To Something’ like one of his latest songs says.

It was a full house at the party that was at The Square Place in Industrial Area.

Stanbic Bank’s Chief Finance Officer and wife in the crowd enjoying the PUZZLE.


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