Koffi Olomide Rolls Back The Years With Soukous And Ndombolo At The Cricket Oval.

Congolese music maestro Antoine Christophe Agbepa Mumba aka Koffi Olomomide rocked at cricket oval last Friday 25th April in a charity drive organized by the rotary club of Uganda. The event that was graced by the Vice president Edward Ssekandi was also attended by many other  dignitaries including Prince David Wasajja, Uganda’s Ambassador to Kinshasha James Kinobe and D.K.Lee, a member of the Central Committee for the Korean Red Cross.

The show which kicked off at about 8:10PM, was curtain raised by our very own musicians Rema Namkula, Grace Nakimera and Ladies’ man Jamal. Rema who opened up the performances did a good job with her queen dancers singing her hit songs like ‘Kukaliba’ ‘Fire tonght’ and ‘Atuse’. She was followed by Grace Nakimera and Jamal who were the only curtain raisers for the evening.

At around 9:47pm, the 57-year-old Olomide got on stage and showcased his dance skills that made his music videos a beauty to watch. He opened his performance with ‘Andrada’ and soon the exited fans were on their feet, shaking and wriggling. Joined by his singer the angelic Cindy Le Coeur, the duo did their popular collaborations such as ‘Si Si’ and ‘Ikea’ and fans joined in to sing along. Backed by a live band of his Quartier Latin Band members and queen dancers, Koffi sang some of the fans’ favourite songs like Loi, Abracadabra, Ikea, Andrada and Papa plus (whose lyrics he had to read from a piece of paper) and concluded with Effrakatah.  Olomide who also holds a Master’s Degree in mathematics then left  the stage at 11:40PM after performing for two hours non stop. He had a 2:00AM flight to catch for Nairobi where he was scheduled to perform over the weekend. He thanked president Yoweri Museveni, Ugandans and Rotarians for the hospitality and promised to always come back again.

The father of seven, whose music dominated the music scene in Uganda in the 1980s and 90s brought back all the memories of the ‘good old times’ with an exhilarating performance that left many of the revellers very excited and quiet content. The numbers and excitement from the crowd proved just how alive Lingala and Soukous are in Uganda.

The night’s surprise moment was that of the inspiring and humbling story of Canadian born Alvin Law. Born armless, and abandoned by parents as an orphan in hospital, he was picked up by an ageing couple, raised and given ‘a future and most importantly dignity’ this Canadian’s story and his drumming with the legs at the well attended charity show brought some goose bumps and even tears from sections of the crowd.

Proceeds from the concert are meant to fund the establishment of Uganda’s first private blood bank in Mukono.

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