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Koikoi East: The Adventurous Side Of Kapchorwa District

Kafunda Kreative through Koi Koi is helping point out the many wonderful reasons why one should love Uganda. In a recent trip to Kapchorwa which was dubbed #KoikoiEast; Journey to the East saw a group of  20 people from all walks of life departed from Shell Lugogo in Kampala at 4pm with cameras, both professional and phone, power banks, the newly unveiled overalls which have come to be known as ‘Koikoi Flight Suits’ and the promise of reward in form of badges, for every activity completed from the physically trying Sipi hike, to the mentally challenging Abseiling.

It's all fun as you go down the Sipi Falls

It’s all fun as you go down the Sipi Falls

One of the team leaders David Ogutu narrated his adventure of the Sipi falls as the most magical and yet terrifying,

We were to wear a climbing harness, tied onto a strain rope and would then descend 100m to the bottom of one of the Sipi falls all the while being just 10m beside the river.’

‘Let me say, it is the most magical and terrifying thing you will ever do because it is terrifying and jaw-dropping in equal measure and breathtaking all at once. Shortly after there was a death-defying muscle wrenching but magical hike from the Sipi valley past amazing views back to the jump-off point.’

Some of the people that participated in the adventure

Some of the people that participated in the adventure

Adding, ‘The village boys, who were our guide said it was a 20 minute hike. Let’s just say I have come to learn there is such a thing as “village time”. It took us up to 40 minutes.

David also shed light on Sipi falls saying it’s not just one water fall but there two others. And as John Muir said, In every walk in nature one receives far more than he seeks.

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