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Konvicted To Fashion, A Fairly Attended But Impressive Event

Konvicted to Fashion 3 took place last Saturday at Club Guvnor. This was the third edition of the event organised by Kim Swagga who is the proprietor of Fashion Lounge. It was off to a slow start but by 1:00 am, revellers were flocking into the club already.

DSC_3873 (Large) (Custom)

Several impressively dressed fashionistas were seen posing for pictures on the blue carpet. Yes, blue carpet. Kim Swagga decided to make a statement with his event having a unique setting.

DSC_3809 (Custom)

The grand entrance was on point and models got to the runway just after Kim Swagga had entered. Several fashion trends were showcased by the stunning models and an impressive look could be noticed on the faces of the guests.

DSC_3884 (Custom)

Performances were from Roden Y and Sheeba who performed during the runway intervals. At the end, Kim Swagga went on to thank all that attended and everyone that has supported him from day one.

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