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Ladies fight for Eddy Kenzo’s love

Rema Namakula and Tracy Nabatanzi seem to be playing to Brandy and Monica’s ‘The boy is mine’ tune. Reporst coming in indicate that Kenzo has been playing both ladies who seem to be head over heels for him.

Tracy recently threatened to beat up Rema if she doesn’t leave her lover Kenzo. Rema had initially ordered the two not to see each other again, but that seemed to be an epic fail.

Kenzo has wanted babies from Rema for a long time, but Rema is more interested in bettering her music career so as to be able to shine. “Kenzo has been on his knees begging for a baby since the year began,” one of our sources disclosed to us. The demands for a baby were taken to another level when South African based tycoon Shafiq promised to pay anyone who would bring Rema to his bed a fee of 10,000 USD.

Tracy who is determined to keep her man at all costs and is willing to do anything to make Shafiqs wish some true so she can get Rema out of the picture.


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