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Laftaz Comedy Lounge Machines Confiscated

Wednesday Afternoon, blows were almost exchanged between Laftaz comedy lounge owners and officials from The Uganda Performing Right Society (UPRS) who wanted to confiscate their machines alleging that they don’t have the rights to play Ugandan music.

The officials arrived at the hangout at mid-day along with some bouncers, good enough; they found two shareholders Dolibondo and Jona at the premises who first reasoned with the officials before things got out of hand.

According to Jona, it’s the musicians who bring their music at the lounge to be promoted. “What rights do you have to confiscate our machines? On whose behalf are you working on because as far as I’m concerned, Ugandan musicians are the ones who come to this bar with their music to promote it.” Jona said.

The UPRS representatives couldn’t give an explanation as they straight away ordered the heavily built bouncers to start taking the speakers, microphones and other portable machines that are used to play music.


One of the comedians crackingthe revellers at Laftaz Comedy Loungue

Jona and his company couldn’t allow this to happen and both parties started throwing insults at each other for close to 30 minutes.

It was finally agreed that Jona and other shareholders go to UPRS offices and resolve the matter from there before next week.



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