Lake Gas Makes Cooking More Fun In Lockdown With Massive Discounts

As a response to the effects of The Covid19 pandemic, Lake Gas, one of the top most reliable cooking gas distributors in Uganda has announced a huge discount on their gas cylinder packages.

Speaking at a Zoom Meeting, the Lake Gas spokesperson, Natasha Mbaziira confirmed that the company decided to reduce the 10kg and 15kg Gas Cylinder prices from 300k to 250k and 350k to 280k respectively for the full sets which comprise of hose pipe and regulators.

“The effects of Covid19 have slowed down many a business, and as such, many businesses have had to lay off employees, and some have even closed. As the pandemic-induced situation becomes dire, the majority of the citizens have been resigned to acquiring only the essentials.

And food is the most essential commodity, which means that cooking it has got to be affordable. It is for this very reason that we have dropped prices of our two highest priced gas cylinders, to enable every Ugandan to cook,” Mbaziira, the Lake Gas spokesperson said.

Asked on whether Lake Gas had the capacity to handle the overwhelming possibility of orders from all over the country, Mbaziira stated that Lake Gas is equipped to handle all volumes of orders.

“We have over 70 distribution points across the country, and are indeed equipped to handle any form of volume. We can distribute anywhere, and have since opened up affordable delivery channels in order to serve people because of the Lockdown,”

The 10kg gas cylinder is a composite cylinder model with a wide array of advantages like being able to track your gas, being non rust and safe in the sense that it is non-combustible, while the 15kgs Cylinder is a normal metallic cylinder.

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