Mukono Locals Revel In The Land Rover Show

With the kids being the majority amongst the revelers, yesterday the first edition of the Land Rover Show that was organised by the Land Rover Group Uganda successfully went down at Katosi Ku Estate yesterday. You will agree with us that revelers enjoyed every bit of the showcase from the start to the end.



One of the revelers after arrival in a Defender1990, 2.5 diesel for the show


From Land Rover ‘Discoveries’, to ‘Defenders’ which were the majority, Range Rover Classic and Sport, fans enjoyed how the rides tussled it out in the different battles that were there. The main intention was to test the strength and speed of the cars, especially muddy and rocky areas.

The Race Course which was the first battle saw the cars being driven in a swampy forest and on a farm as they were timed. Next was the Hill climbing and this did not only catch the revelers’ eye but also threw the revelers in frenzy by the way drivers were driving the cars on a steep hill as they cheered them on.


Part of the crowd that was there for the Land Rover show

Land 2

The Land Rover Defender, 3.0 diesel I990 finding its way in the forest in the Course Race Battle

All cars that tried this battle made it to the top but after several trials. The Range Rover Sport excited the crowd more when it climbed the hill in a few minutes in one trial without any friction on its tyres, as if it was sloping down.

Nali Simanyi nti Range Rover sport yali yamaanyi bweti, teyina wetakudde wade”. one of the revelers said in shock. Literally meaning that ‘I didn’t know that a Range Rover Sport was this strong, the tyres didn’t have friction at all.’

Land 11

The Range Rover Sport 3.0 Diesel 2011 takes on the hill climbing battle

Land 4

Defender 1990 2.5 diesel climbing the hill

The last battle was the Rock climbing where cars were challenged to climb a medium sized rock with one the front tyres. This many did with is, though some like Kampikaho decided to defy the odds, climbing it with one of the hind tyres.


One of the Defenders climbing the rock with the hind tire in the Rock Climbing battle

Attendees  who afforded to pay 10,000 shillings were taken for a ride in the forest and farm in the Range Rover Sport. There was also exhibition from one of the companies Leigham Auto Parts  which exhibited Land Rover spare parts.


Some of the revelers having a ride in the Range Rover Sport

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