Lawrence Mulindwa To Stand For FUFA President

Lawrence Mulindwa, the St Mary’s Kitende Secondary School proprietor and chairman of Vipers Football Club announced last Saturday that he is going to stand FUFA president, a position he ounce held about five years ago.

He said this at one of the ceremonies he attended and this is after it has reportedly been said that he was pushed out of the Federation of Uganda Football Association (FUFA) years back.

“I was not pushed out of FUFA but instead took a personal decision to create space for the same people who are now turning weapons on me”. Mulindwa said before adding that it is the right time for him to be at the helm of Uganda’s football once again.

Former FUFA president Lawrence Mulindwa to stand for the same post again


Mulindwa was the president of FUFA for two terms before he quit to concentrate on personal businesses and leaving the seat for incumbent president Moses Magogo who has been in power since then.

Having been on good terms previously, the two are currently not seeing eye to eye and it is highly believed it is one of the reasons that triggered Mulindwa’s decision to stand for the most powerful position in Uganda’s football.

Did the current differences between Lawrence Mulindwa and Moses Magogo triggger him to stand for FUFA president again? 

FUFA through their third Vice President Denis Mbidde recently attacked Mulindwa and referred to him as a failure in football.

Lawrence Mulindwa was heavily criticized after falling apart with then football starts like David Obua and Ibrahim Ssekagya, leading to their quitting of international football.


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