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Leah Kalanguka Talks About Life After The Miss Uganda Reign

Have you ever wondered what happened to former miss Uganda Leah Kalanguka after her reign. Well, Chano8 recently caught up with her and this how the interview went down.

What have you been up to?

Am going to continue to inspire people because that’s what am passionate about and I plan on growing bigger in the fashion industry. Am going to continue with my agriculture because I love.

Inspiration behind agriculture?
My mother is too much into agriculture because she has started it and she knows it has a great impact on the employment in our country. So she’s been my biggest inspiration and I had been doing agriculture before I went for Miss Uganda. So Miss Uganda was like a push, since our theme was about promoting agriculture amongst the youth.

Highlight of your Reign as Miss Uganda?
My time visiting during different schools and different parts of the country. Just to see that excitement from young people that I have arrived and going to be speaking to them. That was my turning point, that’s the time I felt that this is big and I can make a difference in young people.

Best place your felt most welcomed?
Definitely, my region Iganga where we visited so many young people.

Have a look at the exclusive interview bel0w.

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