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Leila Kayondo And Fille In Colourful Double Video Premiere

Leila who is returning from a lull moment in her career and Fille from maternity leave where impressive in the night not only because of their looks but also because they had time to entertain their fans who looked every inch excited about proceedings.

The crazy Friday night which featured The double Divas premiere saw Leila Kayondo unveil her new video ‘Hold me’ which was directed by Sasha Vybez and Fille unleashed ‘Olle’ done at Hasz Media.

The theme night hosted by NTV’s Douglas Lwanga which happens every third Friday of the month, is dedicated to local talent who utilise the chance to unveil new music videos, perform and interact with fans. They also get to share a bit of their music background in short video messages and then mix and mingle till wee hours of the morning.

Last night started slow with the star divas of the night turning up late at about 1:30pm when the club had already filled up by midnight. However, DJ Brian and DJ Babylove kept the patient  revellers busy with some serious video mixes of club bangers and socialites and partiers took to the floor to shake what their mamas gave them.

Lila Kayondo222

Lela performs for the crowd


When the moment of the night arrived at 1:38am, Host Lwanga gave the attention to first Leila Kayondo who took centre stage by giving some romantic performances accompanied by sexy dancers as the crowd cheered them on. She first sang ‘Awo’, ’Sweetie sweetie’ and then asked the fans which songs they wanted her to perform,  they shouted in a chorus ‘Relaxing’ and she obliged with an energetic performance before sampling some of her other collabos like ‘One moment’ and ‘Hooray’.

The focus was then shifted to the screens as the new music video ‘Hold me’ was played with the fans applauding at the end as a sign of approval. The video by talented videographer Sasha Vybez, i must say is something to watch out for. As usual we’ll do a full review here soon.

Lila still

The fans get excited


After a short musical break attention shifted to Fille Mutonyi who has returned from maternity leave with a bang after recently releasing ‘Gwe Asinga’ featuring Ray Signature who accompanied her on stage as they performed their duets. Returning dancehall/raga artistes Vampino also joined in to do a remix of ‘No Money’ which left the fans ecstatic and sang and danced along.


Fille and Ray Signature sing ‘Gwe Asinga’


Fille after performing other songs like She ‘No retreat’ and ‘Cherry Boo’ was requested by passionate fans to perform ‘My husband’ amidst ululations. She then announced the arrival of her new ‘baby’ Olle which played on the screens as the attentive crowd appreciated.


Vampino joined Fille on stage


The night then drifted into overdrive as the DJs raised the tempo of music and the revellers partied away till morning. Some familiar faces in the crowd like Aziz Azion whose wife was celebrating her birthday cut a cake. While the likes of singer Lydia Jazmine, A Pass and fashion stylist Abryanz danced away.

Fille mingles

Fille mingles with socialite Tracy Bora


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