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Leila Kayondo On Challenges She’s Encountered In Running A Fashion Store

Leila Kayondo is a local female artist who is very passionate about music and fashion. Music and fashion are the center of her life and without them she wouldn’t be able to breathe, she said.

In the current Chano8 issue we look at Leila Kayondo the Fashionista. The singer had the following to say about her ‘L Kay’d Fashion store.

‘It’s a fabulous store for fashionable women. We are located on the King’s gate mall 1st floor in Kabalagala. We opened mid last year. I do my best to sell only clothes I consider my style. I don’t sell clothes that I wouldn’t wear. We sell clothes, bags, jewelry, and shoes. Everyone is bound to find something they like in my store. Actually, I tell my customers if they don’t take anything I will.’

On Challenges she has encountered in running a fashion store, she says,

Leila Kayondo on her fashion passion.

Leila Kayondo on her fashion passion.

Just like any business they require some personal time to be put in. The time is often never enough as of right now I am always in between the boutique and the recording studio. Am all about fashion and music and there are days you wish you could spend more time at the shop. Fashion is a new venture for me so there is a lot am learning. ‘

‘There is also the usual clientele where you may conflict on different style choices with clients and others just don’t approve my stock and compare it to other shops. So despite my choice of clothes and I stock for the needs of my customer.’

You can read more about Leila here. 

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