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Leila Kayondo Premieres Her ‘Manifesto’ Video

Revelers were treated to the very best of live Dj mixes by Selector Jay who was the Dj of the night at the Industrial Area based Club Guvnor where songstress Leila Kayondo was officially premiering her latest ‘Manifesto’ music video last night.

Selector Jay

Selector warmed up the revelers with the best of live audio and video mixes

Leila Kayondo and Hellen Lukoma

Best friends, Leila Kayondo and Hellen Lukoma posing for the cameras

Leila arrival

Leila Kayondo on her arrival for the video premiere

The party’s host, NTV’s Douglas Lwanga kicked off show time at 27 minutes past 2 Am, with nothing but the video premiere on all the club’s screens. Written by Black Skin, audio produced by Washington and video shot and directed by Sasha Vybz of Savy Filmz, fans officially watched the new video and that also led to Leila’s performance shortly.

Douglas Lwanga

NTV’S Douglas Lwanga was the host


‘Manifesto’ was officially premiered on Club Guvnors’s screens

Leila and palz

Leila Kayomdo (centre) with her friends watching ‘Manifesto’ video

Dressed in a short, thick long sleeved dress with leopard skin spots, Leila took the stage at exactly 2:35 am. ‘Awo’ was the song she performed first, followed by ‘Relaxing’ featuring Chameleone and ‘Kikute’. Before she could perform the last song, it was very obvious that she couldn’t leave without performing the new tune.


Leila was simply amazing


Doing what she does best

Leila Kayondo

Leila in the middle of her performance


Hellen Lukoma Joined Leila on stage

Revelers were heard asking her to perform ‘Manifesto’. With a pair of female dancers, Leila did what the fans asked for and it was a thrilling moment as her (Leila) and the dancers danced and wiggled to the beats of the song as the fans cheered them on. Celebrities like Kim Swagga, Aziz Azion and Abrayanz also came through for the premiere.

Leila dances

Leila dancing to the beats of ‘Manifesto’


Hellen Lukoma, Leila Kayondo and Aziz Azion


Kim Swagga (Left) and Abryanz were there too

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