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Leila Kayondo Talks Soccer, Whistles And Satan!


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No one knows what it is that has inspired the ‘relaxing’ singer Liela Kayondo but all of a sudden she is talking about whistles and the devil not to mention soccer! She is now commonly referred to as the ‘teacher’.

She has shared her knowledge of the quran to explain to people how the devil communicates through whistles. She say the sound of a whistle is the voice of the devil. She narrates a story from the Quran where the prophet Muhammad covered his ears when a whistle was blown and later explained to his disciples that it was the call of the devil.

She emphasized that blowing the whistle was promoting the devil.

Leila warned friends and family to stay away from whistles. She later addressed the soccer topic saying the Chelsea football club calls its self ‘the blues’, the colour blue is a metaphor for drunk and the ‘s’ at the end is for Satan. Chelsea means Alcohol. So by definition Chelsea fans are Alcohol supporters!

That is her opinion.

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