Leonardo Da Vinci Exhibition In Kampala Closes With A Call For More Marketing

One of the biggest exhibitions to be held in Uganda finally came to a close this week with a call to market the country and its products more especially to the international community. The much publicized and exciting Leonardo Da Vinci Opera Omnia exhibition which kicked off on November 19th was officially closed on Tuesday January 7th at a press conference held at the Uganda Museum where the exhibition had been running.

The exhibition which showcased 17 of the great Italian artist’s masterpieces was organized as part of Italian Culture and Culinary week which ran till Saturday November 23rd 2019.

The Italian Ambassador to Uganda H.E Massimiliano Mazzanti while speaking to journalists and art enthusiasts said Uganda is rich in culture and the arts but only lucks marketing and exposure to the outside world.

“Even in Italy we have this problem. We have all the great things but we have been taking marketing for granted. We to market our products if we are to attract investment” he said.

The Italian Ambassador (C) addressing the press alongside Mr Nyanzi commissioner ICT and Sandra from Uganda Tourism Board.

The exhibition was organised under the high patronage of the President of the Republic of Italy, and was the main activity for last year’s edition of the Cultural and Culinary Week featuring the most iconic figure of Italian culture. It was one of two to be opened to the public in Sub-Saharan Africa with the other coming in Adis Ababa.

The Ambassador and officials from Uganda Tourism Board as well as from the museum confirmed the exhibition being a big success with thousands of visitors dropping by the museum during the period of the exhibition and also created more opportunities for tourism.

Journalists also had a chance to chat with the Ambassador and share a light moment

The exhibition had 17 master pieces including Mona Lisa and The Last Supper from 7 different countries on high definition display at the Kitante-based Uganda Museum, with local artists also getting a chance for exposure. Dorothy Nabunjo and Faisal Kiwewa produced and managed the exhibition.

The Last Supper in the background was one of the main highlights of the exhibition



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