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Leonardo Da Vinci Exhibition To Light Up Italian Cultural and Culinary week

One of the biggest ever visual art exhibitions is set to open in Kampala come next. The Leonardo Da Vinci art exhibition which is expected to be the highlight of the coming Italian Cultural and Culinary week will open to the public on Monday November 18th at the Uganda Museum.

While speaking to journalists at the embassy this afternoon, Italian Ambassador H.E Massimiliano Mazzanti said the exhibition will be one of the biggest this country will ever witness and will be part of the showcase of the rich Italian art and culture.

The exhibition organised under the high patronage of the President of the Republic of Italy, will therefore be the main activity for this edition of the Cultural and Culinary Week as it features the most iconic figure of Italian culture.

“The exhibition will be one of only two in Sub-Saharan Africa with the other in Adis Ababa. This will be one of the biggest exhibitions in Kampala not because Leonardo da Vinci born 500 year ago was a genius artiste, but because he was also a scientist whose works and designs still impact today’s engineers and scientists”. Mazzanti said

He added that, there will be 17 master pieces including Mona Lisa and The Last Supper from 7 different countries on display at the Kitante-based Uganda Museum.

Uganda was selected in a special way to host the exhibition first and the embassy has also embarked on renovating the museum main hall to that effect to give it a new fresh look.

Italian Ambassador H.E. Massimiliano Mazzanti

Italian cuisine and music will also be part of activities during the week as Italian restaurants in Kampala are doing well as 5 chefs will fly in to take part in some of the activities.

A band called the Ladri Carrozzelle (The wheel chair robbers) will also fly in to spice up things as they will be entertaining guests with a live band. The band comprising of only disabled musicians is to show people of Uganda that; “it is possible to do something despite disability and inspire the young ones never to give up in life even if disabled. Disability has never been inability” The Ambassador emphasized

Mazzini also said that although they are contributing to the country by sharing their culture, they will also embark on serious rehabilitation of the museum to preserve the story/culture for the youth and for the future generations.

And then in the near future, will have a cultural exchange program for the different sectors.

“We are already engaging the Uganda Film Association and film makers to try and work on something in future for film makers, directors actors, producers etc will have an opportunity to visit Italy.”

Asked why they settled on Uganda, the Ambassador said the 2 countries have a long historical back ground first, because Uganda is the only country visited by 3 different Popes and many Italian investments coming up. “Uganda is the new Africa”.

Italian Ambassador H.E. Massimiliano Mazzanti speaking to journalists at the embassy earlier today

This edition will be dedicated to the expression of the excellences of the Italian culture and cuisine, while supporting a noble cause: “Inclusion is within everyone’s ability”.

Proceeds from the event will fund Katalemwa Cheshire Home a centre that provides comprehensive rehabilitation services to vulnerable children and young persons with disabilities in Uganda.


Monday 18th November, the programme will start with the opening ceremony which is an invite only event of the “Leonardo Opera Omnia ” exhibition, which will display at the Uganda Museum from 19th November 2019 to 5th of January 2020.

Tuesday, 19th November “Italy in Bwaise” will bring closer Leonardo and Italian culture to the children of a school in Bwaise II Parish (Kampala), managed by the Ugandan organization AFFCAD – Action For Fundamental Change And Development. In collaboration with the Cultural Association of Italians in Uganda (CAIU), the Embassy will organise storytelling and cooking lesson at the AFFCAD Catering School.

Italian Music Band “Ladri di Carozzelle” (translated in English as “the Wheelchair Thieves”), made of youth with disabilities, will bring to Uganda its mission of social inclusion and promotion of “diversity” through music. They will perform also in various events of the Week and in a concert on the 20th of November (from 7 pm, at the Uganda Museum – free entrance).

Thursday, 21st November, five Italian chefs from EnAIP Piedmont will offer training to the students of the Uganda Hotel and Tourism Training Institute in Jinja (from 18th to 20th November) and will be back to Kampala for the PizzavsRolexcompetition  at Pizza Italia Restaurant.

They will also be in charge of conducting a master cooking class class at the Sheraton Kampala Hotel on Saturday 23rd November.

Friday 22nd November, an Authentic Italian Dinner Buffet (on invitation) will be hosted at the Sheraton Kampala Hotel. The evening will be entertained by live Italian music and towards its end raffle tickets will be drawn from the lottery that CAIU is launching on the occasion of the Week with the first prizes being two return air tickets to Italy offered by Qatar Airways.

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