Lessons From Brian MacKenzi’s Rent Nightmare Experience

At some point in life, you have to leave your parents’ home though there is no specific age when one is supposed to start hustling on his own, as that entirely depends on quite a number of issues like getting independent, peer pressure, among others. But renting is not as easy as it sounds because it comes with its own challenges just like how radio presenter and renown events Brian Keller MC Mckenzie explained on his Facebook wall.

 “2008. I was staying in Kikoni. My house rent was 160k per month, I got a bed from my uncle but couldn’t buy a mattress that could fit the bed, I had no curtains, so I got a cloth from home and hanged it on the window rails, the windows were broken so mosquitoes were welcome. This is around the time i had won my first award for best radio personality at Buzz.” He said.


Brian is now one of the biggest voices at Radiocity

It should be noted that, all the above happened when he was just 20 years old. The now Radiocity top 20 presenter went ahead and narrated that, he later shifted to Entebbe for 2 years and doesn’t take for granted the blessings that have come his way since then because only God knew the future was bright. He also said that, not every bad thing that happens to you or a situation you are in today should define your tomorrow.

Brian McKenzie

Brian with Miss Deedan and Mun G at his (Brian’s) album release party

What is the lesson to learn from Mckenzie’s experience? One is to first plan and be prepared before renting and by this I mean first save some money that you know will cater for house items like beddings, and so on. However cheap a house is, your life matters a lot because you will always have to treat a series of diseases once in a while when you rent a place that has broken windows.

But above all work hard and belief in God for he is the only one who knows the future. No situation is permanent.
Apparently, Mackenzie is one of the best paid radio personalities in Uganda and one of the most recognized at that. All this because of the experience he went through.

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