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Lessons Ugandan Artistes Should Learn From The Ne-yo Concert

Last Weekend, Uganda witnessed what should be regarded as the best show by an international act for the last ten years. No disrespect for other artistes who have performed in Uganda previously but Ne-yo was simply amazing and it’s for this reason that we are breaking up some of the things Ugandan artistes should borrow from the American RnB star.


Many Ugandan artistes hold concerts every year while others go an extra mile of having two or more in terms of extra concerts which would be okay apart from singing songs that the crowd are not familiar with. For instance, an artiste has over 100 songs but decides to perform those that even didn’t make it to the radio and TV stations. Last Friday’s crowd knew 98% of the songs Ne-yo performed in his one hour music session and they kept singing along until his last.


A lot of Ugandan artistes talk more and sing less on their concerts. They thank the sponsors, their friends, family and whoever helped them in their careers. The audience pays to watch and hear you sing not to listen to your speech. If I can quote him, Ne-yo only spoke few times. “This is my first time in Uganda and definitely not my last.” “I love you Uganda”. “Are you having a good time”? Those are the only words he spoke in one hour.

Ne-yo was simply amazing.

Ne-yo was simply amazing.


No one in the audience complained for not watching the artiste on Friday. He used the entire stage while performing and that is basically why even the photographers who were denied direct access to the stage where able to get their shots amidst the mammoth crowd. But some of our artistes remain stationed in the center of the stage, not giving chance to those fans at the sides get a glimpse of their performances.


Some may argue that an hour is little time especially after spending 60k and 120k on a show but unlike before when Ugandans used to complain that an international artiste has cheated them, this time round they received their money’s worth with Ne-yo. His performance is something to write about not forgetting the outline of the songs he did. He did fifteen hit songs and completed them all not like R. Kelly who just did five seconds on the 12 songs he performed.


Throughout Ne-yo’s one hour performance, he only rested for five minutes before returning for his second session but Ugandan artistes get a break of an hour and when they return, they need like fifteen minutes to first hype up the already calm crowd which makes shows boring at the end of the day.


Sound is the most important aspect on every concert but organizers forget how key it is. Going by some reliable information we received, Bell lager used imported sound from South Africa, Kenya and then Silk event which made the concert a success. There were no glitches from the moment the event started and even our own artistes sounded on point.


If there is one thing the organizers of the PopnJam with Ne-yo did was to inform him about the kind of audience he had to face. With his music mostly targeted to Women, the ‘Sexy love’ artiste did mostly love songs from ‘She knows, one in a million, sexy love, Miss Independent, Because of you and Hate that I love you’ among others. This didn’t even discriminate the guys who also sang along. It seems he was told to only sing those songs Ugandans know and throwing in just two songs on his current album.

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