Levixone For Karamoja Charity Concert Pulls Big Crowd

All Photos by Habre Muriisa/Chano8

To the gospel music lovers, well wishers and those who like to give back to charity, Uganda Museum ground was the place they gathered at last Saturday the 14th of October as fast rising gospel singer Levixone Lala held his long awaited ‘Levixone For Karamoja’ charity concert.

With nothing but the aim of building a primary school in Nakapiripirit district in Karamoja region, the concert that boasted of over 30 artistes, 4 dance groups and Djs was kicked off at half past six with the performances from the headlining acts who curtain raised for the main man Levixone.

Dressed in all white, Levixone took the stage at exactly 8 minutes past 9 PM amid ululations from the already exited crowd. Accompanied by a band and a pair of dancers, he kicked his energetic performance with songs like ‘Pass Port’, ‘God Is Good’, ‘Well Well’, ‘Ina Di Jungle’, ‘Nonya Omu’, ‘Samanya’ collabo alongside Jackie Akello and later ‘Save A Life’ before he took a break

During the break, the stage was opened to his Kenyan friends and gospel artistes to showcase as well. Mash Mwana was the first to perform followed by Alemba, Dj MO, Hope Kid, DK Kwenye Beat, Kris Eh Baba and finally exodus from Uganda.

The crowd was so encouraging

Levixone performing

Levixone sang his singing his heart out

Jackie Akello joins Levixone to perform their collabo ‘Samanya’

Levixone CDs were on sale

Levixone engaging his crowd

At 10:48 PM, Levixone took to the stage again and resumed his performance with songs ‘Edoboozi’, ‘Kilooto’ alongside ‘Coopy Bly’, ‘Ani’, ‘Shuga’ and finalised with ‘Esaala’ and thanked all the fans who gave him their time and came through.

“If I am to thank everyone where will I stop? I need to thank everyone for coming and Fenon events for making this beautiful, big and well lit stage, who am I.” Levixone said

Levixone had an awesome performance all through

Levixone and Coopy Bly performing their ‘Ekilooto’ collabo

Revellers in the VIP section raising the chairs as they cheered Levixone


On the other hand, the concert had other gospel artistes who performed for the crowd before Levixone and they are in the order of Paul Selah, Reborn Status, Likkel Mic, Joyce Abigail and Alvan Kica, Spring Gents, Jonas Rhyme, Colifix, Lil John, Jeremiah, Burna, Prince Yubu, John Marie, Vespa, Lucky, Kevo X, Mr Yeba, J Force Dance Crew, Watoto Kids, Mugi, Peace Glosh, Sandra Suubi, Brian Lubega, Justin Namboozo, Fortune Spice, Robinsan, G Way dance crew, Zabuli, Coopy Bly and Isaac Rucci.

Levixone has more reason to do a charity concert again going by the encouraging crowd we saw and in attendance, Chano8 landed eyes on Levixone’s mentor, Dj Crim and singer Lydia Jazmine.

Levixone thanking all his fans for coming through

More Photos

DK Kwenye Beat the man ‘Fully Fully’ dance and song performing

Hope Kid performing

Exodus performing

Alemba performing

Mash Mwana performing

Dj MO on the wheels of steel

Kris Eh Baba performing

Singer Lydia Jazmine was in attendance


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