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Levixone Tells The Story Of God’s Might In New ‘Ani’ Video

The song ‘Ani’ meaning ‘who’ has captivated many ever since gospel singer Levixone Lala released it early this year and from then it has been a massive hit among his followers who have been requesting for it on a regular basis on radio. On Wednesday the 25th of May, Levixone and his entire Team ‘Levixone Music’ went to Nakasongola where they shot an equally impressive video for the song.

Shot and directed by Paste of Grate Make Pictures production, ‘Ani’ video portrays God’s might and power that can be manifested in different ways and it can be showcased by how a rich man tampers with the poor man’s property. When the poor man reports the case to a village court, the rich man bribes the chairman but due to God’s everlasting power, the chairman ends up giving back the bribe and instead rules in favour of the poor man who had believed in the power of God.

‘Ani’ the video

The video begins with a short aerial view of the village deep in Nakasongola where it was shot from. Later, Levixone who acts as an old village elder and radio repairer comes out of a grass thatched hut on a sunny day. He then sits besides a lady under a tree in his compound and that is where three other men find them and join them




Levixone acting like an old village man in the video

They then begin a conversation where the old man (Levixone) is seen asking them who has all the power and might over this world and they point in sky to mean God. The next scene which is so dramatic shows a poor man running while holding a hand hoe at a very high speed as he rushes to report a rich man who wronged him to a village court.


Because of his annoyance, he dares to hit the rich man whom they have miss understandings with over property but fortunately, his temper is calmed down by the village chairman who orders him to sit down. The court proceedings commence but in the due course, the rich man is seen giving money to the chairman who acts the judge at that.

The chairman then rules in favour of the rich man and with nothing to do, the poor helpless man is seen nodding the head and so are the other village elders. The chairman later realises that it is very unfair to lie because of bribery and he then changes his mind and gives back the money to the rich man who also in turn gives it to the poor man. The two hug and reconcile, with shouts of joy following through from the other villagers.

The meeting ends in a joint celebration where the villagers all dance in glory of God and give thanks to Him for settling the tense matter amicably.


(Left to right) The poor man, village chairman/judge, Levixone and rich man (in a black coat) and other villagers dancing

Mr Paste whose creativity in capturing all the moods and attributes of the village in different angles makes the story flow alongside the message being sang. The song is surely going places but this video will make it and even win more fans for the first rising gospel artiste who is liked by fans from all divides of society.

You can watch ‘Ani’ by levixone below



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