Like Bobi Wine,Chameleone Also In Hot Soup After Authorities Start Blocking His Shows

Way before he announced that he was joining politics, veteran musician Jose Chameleone had everything in control concerning his music career. He would be booked for different shows and although he never used to turn up for some, he would always get away with it.

This is however not the case now. Despite the fact he shows interest in performing just any other artiste, authorities have started blocking his shows with no clear reasons just like his fellow musician Bobi Wine’s. The Latest incident was last Sunday when police blocked his performance in Masaka sub-region.

He was scheduled to stage three concerts in Mutukula and Kalisizo both in Kyotera District and another in Bukomansimbi District over the weekend but none happened after police asked them to clear with them in Kampala instead of Masaka, according to Nkuke Robert, Chameleone’s manager.

“Usually, it is local police and leaders who clear our shows. We really wonder why this time we are being asked to seek clearance from Kampala,” said Nkuke on phone.

He also added that this began on Friday in Bukomansimbi playground when they raided the venue and stopped the show from happening.

This treatment by police comes just days after Chameleone was unveiled as a Democratic Party candidate for the forthcoming Mayoral elections come 2021

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