Lil Pazo Collapses During Artistes’ Meeting With General Salim Saleh

Local artiste Lil Pazo collapsed during the recent meeting between artistes and the head of Operation Wealth Creation General Salim Saleh.

He was one of the members of the United Musicans Superstars Association headed by Jose Chameleone

According to Kadongo Kamu artiste Abdu Mulasi who attended the meeting as well, on collapsing, Lil was rushed to a nearby clinic in Gulu Town before he was later driven to Bombo Military Barracks

“Liz Pazo collapsed and was rushed to a clinic but General Salim Saleh directed the army to drive him to Bombo Barracks hospital for medical attention,” He said

Lil Pazo in a phone conversation with Abdul Mulasi  said that he is slowly getting better but doctors in Gulu discovered a hole in one of his intestines.

“I need help from however can because am in need of medical attention and financial aid,” Lil Pazo said in the conversation that was aired on different radios and Television stations

His wife said this incident has come at a time when they doing badly financially as her husband has not had work since last year when government announced the suspension of social events

“We don’t have money right now and am also 8 months pregnant. Am the one who has been paying home bills and I pray that his situation improves when he is delivered at Bombo,” she said.

Mulasi said his condition is as a result of the poverty brought about the Covid-19 pandemic because if the singer had money through singing, he would have been able to get medication early and that the Gulu collapsing incident wouldn’t have happened.













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