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Lilian Mbabazi Releases New Song ‘Kuma Obudde’


Everyone was wondering if Lilian had put her solo career on hold for family and coke Studio but that is not true. The former Blu3 singer has released a new single Kuma Obudde.

The ‘lover letter’ singer is well known for her amazing vocal ability and already proved it when she sang ‘Kawa’ a song that is still one of the most urban and hip songs that are famously recognized in Africa. There is no doubt what she is capable of with a microphone, but she had put it down for a while we are glad to receive this song.

It is a romantic song produced by Swangs  Avenue, recorded in both English and luganda like most of her songs. Watch out for this song it might be playing on your airwaves and dancefloors sooner than you think.

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