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Lillian Mbabazi On Challenges She Faces In The Music Industry

Former Blu3 singer Lillian Mbabazi who is gearing up for her first ever concert recently opened up about some of the challenges she faces in the music industry.


Lillian Mbabazi is a flawless entertainer

In the current magazine issue of chano8, the singer opened up about her challenge saying,

‘Most of my fans don’t know is that I find it hard singing in Luganda, speaking it is easy but singing it is a bit tricky for me. Some words are in different tones, the pronunciation of the words and how different it sounds when recorded.’

Referring to her Kuma Obudde song, Lillian further said that she had to play with the words for a while till she finally got them and the emotions of the song right.

Lillian Mbabazi whose Simple Girl song is receiving massive airplay, is set to hold her first ever concert on August 21.

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