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Lillian Mbabazi Talks About The Domination Of West African Music

The issue of West African music dominating Africa has been going around for quite sometime and there is no doubt about their real push to further reach more fans across the globe.

The amazing Lillian Mbabazi

The amazing Lillian Mbabazi

Recently Chano8 digital magazine caught up with the amazing Lillian Mbabazi, to get her view on the whole West African domination,

‘We don’t have a fair fight when it comes to comparing us to West Africa because they have the numbers and they have the money. And because of that they have the attention and get the likes of MTV etc to get noticed. But we have made big strides, the music has improved and the videos are better where by one can shoot a decent video with a small budget,‘ she said.

In other related news, Lillian Mbabazi recently sold out her up close and personal show at the Kampala Serena hotel. The event was star studded with likes of Bebe Cool, A Pass, Navio, Keko and Jamaica’s Nyanda all turning up to show their support to the artist.

Lillian Mbabazi performed most of her hit songs like Memories with A Pass, simple girl and while introducing her new song smile, the mother of two said everytime she has a hard day and goes home, her children don’t care about how her day was like, the smile that they give her is the reason she wrote the song.

The proud mother of two has indeed established herself as a force to reckon with.

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