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Lillian Mbabazi’s New ‘Simple Girl’ Video Will Give You Chills

It’s on very few occasions that you watch a Ugandan Music video and you get all emotional. Lillian Mbabazi’s simple girl video is truly up there in its own world, I don’t think the words to describe her execution of the song have been invented yet.

The video is literally mind blowing, kudos to Sasha Vbyz for making it happen. Boy oh boy, Lillian just gave the competition a major run for their money, only time will tell what she will do to top this.

In Chano8 April issue the singer said, ‘simple girl is not exactly a new song, I wrote it a while back last year, I sat on it as I waited to find the right people to work on it. When I did it was a great song. The tune and emotions. It is an inspirational song.’

She further went on to say, ‘It is the story about a girl going through a lot, a hard life and she is crying out to the heavens for answers. It wasn’t from a personal experience, but it relates to everyone who has been there, felt like giving up.’

Have a look at the video below.

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