Liquid Silk In Naalya Also Sold Off TO Give Way For Cafe Javas

The club together with the adjacent Mogas fuel station has reportedly been bought by Café Javas but the amount involved has not been disclosed. Work by Café Javas to redevelop the two premises is expected to start soon.

A source has revealed to us that, it was not a decision from bar owner Elvis Sekyazi to sell off the bar but was left with no choice since Café Javas had entered into a selling agreement with the owner of the land. The owner of the land wanted the land sold off.

Speaking to Elvis Sekyazi on phone, he revealed to us that he has already located a nearby place where his bar will be transferred to. He also rubbished off rumors that he had run broke and couldn’t service the bar.

The beautiful interior setting at Liquid Silk Naalya

He also maintains in Bugolobi business is as usual and has plans of expanding the business to bigger places.

As a matter of fact, Elvis Sekyazi is one of the city businessmen who has remained at the top of his game. He started out from way back with bar business and opened up Club Silk in Industrial area. The bar was one of the best in the country for many years.

In a way to expand his business, Elvis sold off the building that housed Club Silk to Vision Group and used the money to set up Liquid Silk Naalya branch following the earlier one he had opened at Bugolobi on top of  Village Mall.

The club building seen at night.



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