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Listener Bashes Aludah On Twitter Over Music Selection, As Dj Confronts Him On Streets

Last Friday night, a twitter user identified as Kamukama James tweeted something that rubbed Radio City’s Dj Aludah the wrong way.

‘Disappointed’ James sent his tweet during the Friday live Dj mix show “LW97FM” hosted by Aludah and Dj Jo on the Bugoloobi, Kampala based radio station

“Wtf is Dj Aludah Playing” Read James’ tweet (though now deleted) and two minutes later, Aludah who ‘wasn’t playing at that moment’ fired back and said “What the fuck are you hearing?”

Just when we thought Sir. Aludah as he sometimes calls himself had gotten over it, he in another tweet on Saturday said that he confronted James to ask him why he took to Twitter to come at him. To his shock, James who apparently doesn’t rate Aludah because he ‘refused’ to play his artiste’s music said that he tweeted “Wtf is Dj Aludah playing” because at that moment, music had gone off (probably because of technical difficulties)

“Yesterday this guy twitted [sic] this nga I am sitted [sic] somewhere enjoying a cold bear… He later walked past me & I confronted him about it. Mans told me mbu Music went off and that is why he ran to twiter.. He also added he doesn’t rate Aludah mbu coz I refused to play his artist’s  music. SMH” Read Aludah tweet

However, in what might be perceived as his defence or clearing the air, James insists that by the time he tweeted, Dj Aludah was playing music and also said that he didn’t tell Aludah that he doesn’t rate him.

“Lol, y’all believe what you want to believe. The time I made the tweet he was playing. The time he then confronted me and requested me to take the tweet down are different. Plus I didn’t say I didn’t rate but that’s what he chose to say.” Read James’ tweet




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