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Live: King Saha’s Mulirwana Concert

King Saha, the down to earth shy singer has had a long music journey characterized by ups and downs, but has had arguably the best year in that period with his Mulirwana hit top chats across the country in 2014.

We shall be bringing you live updates from the Mulirwana Concert.


Although Saha is mostly known for the block buster song ‘Mulirwana’, he actually has other very good songs that are also dominating air waves across the country like ‘Signal’, ‘Tonjiwa’, ‘Kampala Anthem, Vimba’ ft gravity, ‘Komawo’and ‘Onkubba’.

Saha says he doesn’t want to be a one-hit wonder and as a result has been working hard in studio churning new hits like ‘Gundezze’, ‘Tamale’ ft Pallaso and ‘Suzaana’.

Crowd at Mulirwana

“MULILWANA won me millions of fans n disapproved ma haters,MULILWANA made me famous,MULILWANA took me places,MULILWANA brought a bank to ma home,MULILWANA got me a place on the table of men.Thank U Allah.Lets all meet on the 26th Sept @La Bonita as I take u thru ma musical journey..” He said recently.

King Saha Party

Man of the moment Saha

Some of the artists expected to perform tonight include Bebe Cool, Bobi Wine, Eddie Kenzo, Golden Band, Rema and Sheebah among others.

Time check 7:46PM Many people are queuing outside. The place already looks busy  at the entrance. If you are still at home, you better hurry as it looks like a busy night for those at the entrance.


Dj is playing some serious Dance hall in the house as we await official kickoff.Its Lazy body blazing as Saha’s images and some adverts are relaid on giant screen

IMG_4694 IMG_4695

7:55PM. The MCs Flavia and Samo are now on stage cracking jokes. Soon we will kick off

IMG_4702 IMG_4706 IMG_4708IMG_4710

Things are heating up as Ziza Bafana leads curtain raisers in welcoming fans to the Mulirwana concert.

Time now for the ladies to shine. The one called Spice Diana is moving the crowd with some love ballads.

IMG_4715 IMG_4724 IMG_4725 IMG_4727

Ladies and gentlemen FINA MUGERWA MASANYALAZY is now on fire and the crowd is joining with some serious lingala moves


Next on stage is Nince Henry…



Crowd at Mulirwana

It is a full house ladies and gentlemen.MULIRWANA



It is now BIG EYE doing his thing.He is singing ‘I am Bookuti…’

Time check is 8:55PM. Big Eye still on stage now doing ‘I am Physically Fit” with rare strokes.

Big Eye

Time for some comedy and Dolibondo is on stage cracking some ribs

Scooter is next after Dolibondo just squeezed some tears from the eyes of fans. So far so good…


The temperature is rising. David Lutalo now on stage followed by SHEEBAH KARUNGI.


Sheebah is doing ‘Ice Cream’


Time for ‘Twesan;a and the crowd is singing along. Cool stuff

Go down low, go down low, go down low….one two three kamata.. woooooooooooaaahhh Sheeba still rocking.

Its a full house and people have resorted to sitting in the corridors while others are standing.

Time check is 9:36PM: BEBE COOL is now on stage doing ‘Nyonyi Nkezze’

After Bebe Cool thanks fans for supporting local talent, he samples his block buster song ‘Love You Everyday’ and walks out before completing the song and fans are not happy.

Bebe Cool

Guess what? it’s his ‘Enemy’ Bobi Wine who follows him on stage doing ‘Tugambire ku Jennifer’


It is now time for ‘Size yo’ and the crowd has gone wild…

And we are for a COMMERCIAL BREAK

10:00PM: Man of the day King Saha is on stage and its live Band. He is dressed in full White doing Reggae from Madoxx hits

He is singing Lucky Dube’s REMEMBER ME now…in what ever you do.. remember me


By the way the sound is perfect.Lighting is good too. Saha is still on stage doing his songs from other artists.He has just done ‘i am a winner’

King Saha

Saha now live

Saha now taking us through his old songs

Now its Suzzana…lingala style

Things hotting up.Ziza Bafana is on fire joning the big man.Crowd goes crazy too!


Saha with Ziza

A little girl earlier walked on stage and demanded Saha sings for her Mulirwana but crowd decides they give her money and Saha gives 20,000/=

Saha singing the controversial ‘Tamale’ Song which almost brought them problems with Pallaso

Its now one hour non-stop performance from Saha.He is thanking sponsors and fans.He mentioned SMS ONE with pride. Remember Chano8 Magazine too has supported our local talent.

Saha is now presenting his parents to the fans.

Its five minutes after 11:00PM and Saha’s father is thanking people for coming and supporting local talent.

Saha’s mom has just excited the crowd by greeting the ‘Mulokole’ style of ‘praise the lord’

TIME CHECK 11:00PM Its MULIRWANA and the crowd is on their feet.

Things getting emotional as Saha Kneels to beg this ‘neighbor’ for a child and loveIMG_4772

11:20pPM. That marks the end of the show and thanks for joining us for live updates. Watch this space for more live updates to come.


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