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Live Performance Proves To Be Too High A Huddle For Sheebah As Band Outshines Her

Ahead of her ‘Omwooyo’ album launch concert, singer Sheebah had said that ‘it was going to be better than her first concert’ dubbed ‘Nkwatako’ two years back. She promised how she was going to give the concert all her best going by the rehearsals and preparations she had done.

However, it was a different kind of thing than the promised at Hotel Africana last Friday the 30th of November as Sheebah didn’t do what she had promised. At most concerts, all the attention is always on the artiste but during the ‘Omwoyo’ concert, it all went towards the band. Guitarist Michael Ouma and his friends like Joseph Sax and Emma Dragu spiced up the concert in that they outshined the main act Sheebah.

She could barely keep up with the instruments and on most cases ended up flatting on her own songs. This was perhaps so wrong for her to do a live performance as some people in the audience requested her to save herself and sing on CD like she has always done.

Being a feminist, Sheeba at some point decided to mix up her performance by singing other female musicians’ songs. This was a good idea but the execution and type of artistes she chose also failed her. Sheebah chose to sing Iryn Namubiru’s ‘Nkuweki’, Juliana Kanyomozi’s ‘Kanyimbe’ and Chance Nalubega’s ‘Abateesi’. But she murdered all of them even with the fact that the audience was helping her out.

Sheebah Karungi did other thing right but her live performance was not that good one (Courtesy Photo)

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