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Live: Solome’s My Love Story Show

Rising star Solome has pulled a massive crowd as several people have turned up to support and share her love story.

Solome's My Love Story

Live broadcasting started on 01/05/2015 16:38 and was finished on 01/05/2015 19:21

  • 19:20 pm
    with an amazing song as her last act for tonight. Solome has indeed signed off in style
  • 19:13 pm
    Solome thanks fans, God for making it possible and the sponsors for making it happen
  • 19:00 pm
    It's a dance party in here. Every body is on their feet dancing and praising the Lord
  • 18:57 pm
    Massive turn up.
  • 18:30 pm
    God loves you unconditionally. He loves you the way you are
  • 18:29 pm
    That was the beginning of my love story.
  • 18:28 pm
    My true love is God and since then I learnt to appreciate myself
  • 18:27 pm
    'but not discovering myself'
  • 18:26 pm
    Solome talks about her love story. 'I kept moving from guy to guy'
  • 18:14 pm
    God's love is everything Performance was just a jaw dropper
  • 18:08 pm
    Ruyonga jumps on stage. Talk about taking the performance to greater heights
  • 18:02 pm
    Solome performs her hit song Nzani
  • 17:47 pm
    This show makes you feel like you paid half.. it's that amazing
  • 17:44 pm
    He's acoustic performance has got several people nodding in belief
  • 17:42 pm
    Sam Kimera on stage..
  • 17:37 pm
    Fans dancing and singing along as the show continues to be mind blowing
  • 17:35 pm
    The excitement is sky high.
  • 17:29 pm
    Solome putting on a palpable show. Fans can't help but ululate
  • 17:09 pm
    That's the story behind her dance song.
  • 17:09 pm
    Life is a dance, keep holding on.

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