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Live: Solome’s My Love Story Show

Rising star Solome has pulled a massive crowd as several people have turned up to support and share her love story.

Solome's My Love Story

Live broadcasting started on 01/05/2015 16:38 and was finished on 01/05/2015 19:21

  • 17:01 pm

    flawless performance

    From her vocals to her outfit, Solome is just stunning.
  • 16:57 pm
    She further begs each and everyone to try and see their stories in her music
  • 16:55 pm
    You and I are miracle. Solome tells her fans
  • 16:52 pm
    We are going gospel.. There is no way else like You
  • 16:50 pm
    Her vocals are simply breathtaking
  • 16:50 pm
    Solome starts her show with a massive performance

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