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Live Updates: Bebe Cool’s Go Mama Listener’s Party

Bebe Cool has been singing for about 25 years now but he had never done any complete comprehensive album. Tonight it’s about to change.  The GO MAMA album is set to be released officially in a few hours time.

This is going to be one hell of a captivating experience as we bring you live updates.

Go Mama listener's Party

Live broadcasting started on 02/06/2015 19:30 and was finished on 02/06/2015 22:35

  • 22:35 pm
    The show has finally come to an end. The go mama album is absolutely amazing
  • 22:33 pm
    Salvado shows up to support his brother Bebe Cool
  • 22:06 pm
    Make the world dance is now playing. It's the 10th song off the Go Mama album written by Benon
  • 21:56 pm
    Pastor Bugembe just prayed for the Go Mama album
  • 21:51 pm
    Pastor Bugembe just cracked up fans - his English ends at 10 pm, he says.
  • 21:51 pm
    Pastor Bugembe on stage with Bebe cool and his best song is Mandela
  • 21:46 pm
    The song is a very sensitive one. Don't care about the words of those in front of you and those at your back
  • 21:44 pm
    Tufa Ku Bigambo now playing. Written by St. Andrews
  • 21:38 pm
    Selector Jay praises Bebe Cool for mastering the album
  • 21:33 pm
    Byebyo now playing written by A Pass
  • 21:18 pm
    Mandela now playing. Track 6 off the album
  • 21:16 pm
    Juliana blown away with Bebe Cool's tenacity..
  • 21:12 pm
    Gagamel boss playing 'anything for love' for Juliana to get her opinion
  • 21:08 pm
    You sing from the soul - Juliana praises Bebe Cool
  • 21:03 pm
    Gagamel band performing the number 5 track off the album, Tofayo
  • 20:58 pm
    This album has different styles that's meant for all races and age
  • 20:45 pm
    Bebe Cool thanks A pass for the work done on the song
  • 20:38 pm
    Written by A Pass and produced by Nessim
  • 20:37 pm
    The go mama is so far mind blowing. #Nowplaying African girl
  • 20:34 pm
    Love you everyday song is number 3

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