Liverpool Fans To Have ‘Scientific Celebrations’ After Winning Premier league For The First Time

It is very unfortunate for Liverpool fans all over the world after winning their first league title in 30 years in the cornavirus era, where most countries are still in lockdown.

In Uganda it is even worse as public gatherings, bars and huge crowds have been banned as a preventive measure to curb the spread of the deadly virus. However some sections of diehard fans still managed to gather at Anfield last night to witness the momentous magical decider when Manchester City lost to Chelsea to hand over the title to the well-deserving Liverpool side.

BBC reported that supporters set off flares and fireworks after Chelsea’s 2-1 win against Manchester City gave the Reds their first league title in 30 years where within half an hour of the result about 2,000 fans had gathered outside the club’s stadium, with some celebrating outside the famous Kop stand.

Some Liverpool fans gathered at Anfield to witness the historic moment.

And then poured on to the streets as they lit fireballs.

It is the first time Liverpool is winning the league ever since it was rebranded to ‘The Premier League’ in 1992 and first time in 30 years to win the English top flight league.

Ever since resumption of the major leagues across Europe, matches have been played behind closed doors with fans locked out. So this becomes the first time a team will lift the trophy in an empty stadium with no fans cheering.

It is always a sweet moment to for captains to hoisting the trophy into the air in front of home fans in a joyous historical moment at the handover ceremony which this time will be scientifically witnessed through online platforms and television screens.

Kloop has led Liverpool to the Premier League tile for the first time.

Arrangements for street parades are not yet finalized and it remains to be seen what Liverpool Football Club will do this time round in very unprecedented times when Covid-19 has disrupted normal flow of events in the public domain.

For now most celebrations are on social media and with parties still not allowed and even police is now cracking down on house parties as it cannot allow social distancing. So for it will be scientific individual celebrations for now.


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