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Local Artistes Advised To Use Their Creative Works To Get Covid-19 Bailout Money

Ugandan artistes were told to use their creative works to get Covid-19 bail out money commonly known the stimulus fund.

The advice was given to them by the head of Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) General Salim Saleh during the meeting with them that took place recently at his Gulu office

According to him, this is the only collateral security they have to secure the funds that were put in Uganda Development Bank to cater for people whose businesses were affected by Covid-19 from last year.

“The economy was in turmoil with many sectors requiring bailout money. I will make a presentation to President Museveni about this idea so that you can begin to access loans from financial institutions to help you resolve your financial needs,” he told them.

The artistes attended under their respective associations namely the Uganda National Cultural Center (UNCC), National Culture Forum (NCF), Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) and United Musicians Superstars Association (UMSA) and many others.

Singers Cindy Sanyu, Jose Chameleone, Pallaso, Weasel, Isaac Rucci, FeffeBussi, PhinaMugerwa, Big Eye, King Micheal, Karole Kasita, King Saha, Sophie Gombya among many others attended the meeting.

Some of the artistes who attended the meeting

During the meeting, the artistes resolved to develop a methodology for valuation of copyright for artistic works for use of collateral loans and also establishing the impact of Covid-19 measures on Musicians for consideration of Stimulus Funds among other resolutions that included working with musicians to support the development of new talent, using the various training institutions across the country and proposing of ideas for improvement of e-concerts and ensuring of artistes participation.

The leadership of Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) and the United Musicians Superstars Association resolved and agreed to start working together as a united front to promote the interests of the music industry and agreed to do a production of an All Stars song on the theme of hope.




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